Various projects that I started and maintaining. INCOMPLETE


Swanalekha transliteration based input method. Started in 2007, written for my own use, became a widely used input method for Malayalam. Eventhough the same input method was developed for many other Indian languages too, they were abandoned because I failed to get co-developers from those languages to verify and test.

Initially Swanalekha was writtin using SCIM input method technology for Linux. Later, a javascript version was also developed to use in browsers. By 2019, the input method was ported to SIL Keyman so that it works in non-Linux operating systems too. The Indic Keyboard by SMC also include this input method to support Android phones. In Linux, the input method is currently using m17n framework.



Chilanka Malayalam handwriting style font. This was designed and released in 2014 and the first font I designed.



Manjari Malayalam typeface. This is probably the most successfull project I ever did. Started in 2014, this was released in 2016.


Malayalam Morphology Analyser

An ambitious effort to encode Malayalam morphology in computer algorithms. This is an ongoing and long project with multiple sub projects. I started this in 2017 and continous to actively develop it.

pageMorphology Analysis

Spellchecker based on morphology analyser

Spelling checker based on the Malayalam morphology analyser using a set of spelling mistake patterns in Malayalam and provides correction suggestions


Spellcheck webservice for many languages Blog post


Malayalam typeface designed by Binoy Dominic. I worked on the project coordination and opentype engineering.


Tesseract based OCR web frontend

Hosted at, this is a web frontend for Tesseract.js OCR

Handwriting recognition

Online handwriting recognition system based on procustes analysis. Available at The project is incomplete as more letters need to be support and many optimizations are pending. I visit this project occassionally and make some improvement and then move to other projects. Looking for active contributors

pageHandwriting Recognition

Machine translation

Opus MT based machine translation system for English-Malayalam(bidirectional) available at

Learning Malayalam writing illustrates how to write Malayalam. Blog post

Hyphenation patterns for Indian languages - Used in TeX, Indesign, Android, Scribus

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