A place to keep listing the ideas I want to build explore

  • Create an education font showing how to write a letter using arrows and dots to represent pen movement. This could be possible from Chilanka or Manjari since the SVGs I used has directions in it. Try programmatical approach

    • The Nupuram font(WIP) has Arrows(color font), Dots that makes this happen.

  • A slow news portal - News are collected, reconciled and presented once the dust settles, with clarity, with out knee jerk reactions. For most of the people, reading news after 2 days makes many things clear and saves anxiety and helps to understand the world better avoiding sensationalim, click baits and yellow news. Also see Slow Journalism

  • A regular online webinar on Malayalam computing where people working on different aspects presents their ideas, projects and discuss it with audience. Make it informal conversations, record, publish

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